Wiggins, Andrea; He, Yurong

Community-based Data Validation Practices in Citizen Science Conference

CSCW 2016.

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He, Yurong; Wiggins, Andrea

Community-as-a-Service: Data Validation in Citizen Science Proceeding

ISWC 2015.

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Kelling, Steve; Johnston, Alison; Hochachka, Wesley M; Iliff, Marshall; Fink, Daniel; Gerbracht, Jeff; Lagoze, Carl; Sorte, Frank La A; Moore, Travis; Wiggins, Andrea; Wong, Weng-Keen; Wood, Chris; Yu, Jun

Can Observation Skills of Citizen Scientists Be Estimated Using Species Accumulation Curves? Journal Article

PLOS One, 2015.

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McKinley, Duncan C; Miller-Rushing, Abraham J; Ballard, Heidi L; Bonney, Rick; Brown, Hutch; Evans, Daniel M; French, Rebecca A; Parrish, Julia K; Phillips, Tina B; Ryan, Sean F; Shanley, Lea A; Shirk, Jennifer L; Stepenuck, Kristine F; Weltzin, Jake F; Wiggins, Andrea; Boyle, Owen D; Briggs, Russell D; III, Stuart Chapin F; Hewitt, David A; Preuss, Peter W; Soukup, Michael A

Investing in Citizen Science Can Improve Natural Resource Management and Environmental Protection Journal Article

Issues in Ecology, Fall 2015 (19), 2015.

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Bowser, Anne; Wiggins, Andrea

Privacy in Participatory Research: Advancing Policy to support Human Computation Journal Article

Human Computation, 2 (1), 2015, ISSN: 2330-8001.

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Wiggins, Andrea; Crowston, Kevin

Surveying the citizen science landscape Journal Article

First Monday, 20 (1), 2015.

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Hammock, Jenn; Wiggins, Andrea

Connecting diverse communities through citizen science data infrastructure Conference

“Citizen + X” workshop, AAAI 2014 Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing. Pittsburgh, PA, 2014.

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Wiggins, Andrea; Lagoze, Carl; Wong, Weng-Keen; Kelling, Steve

A sensor network approach to managing data quality in citizen science Conference

“Citizen + X” workshop, AAAI Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing. Pittsburgh, PA, 2014.

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