• Science teachers work with a biologist to identify insects from a biocube
  • Teachers use smartphones to record data about jellyfish from a marine biocube
  • Using smartphones to record scientific data helps more people get involved
  • Teachers and researchers select and document a biocube data collection site
  • Dr. Wiggins joins teachers to learn how to collect biodiversity data with biocubes

Information is the currency of Democracy- Thomas Jefferson, Third U.S. President (1743 - 1826)

Open Data

Open data provides public access to the raw materials for knowledge discovery. Responsible data stewardship increases the value of our research investments and creates valuable resources for science, education, and decision-making.

Citizen Science

Citizen science promotes open participation in knowledge production through collaborative scientific research. We study the design and operation of citizen science projects to help improve both research and participant outcomes.


The Open Knowledge Lab studies infrastructures supporting open knowledge. We focus on citizen science and open data, which broaden access to scientific knowledge.
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